Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pan-fried egg with Chai Po


1(50g) Thai preserved radish
(chai po)
10g Chinese chives
3 eggs
1 thsp minced garlic
50g minced pork


2 tsp light soy sauce
pinch of pepper

  • Rinse and chop preserved radish finely. Cut chives into thin sections. Beat eggs and blend in Seasonings.
  • Heat up oil and fry minced garlic till fragrant. Add in preserved radish and fry briefly before adding in minced meat. Fry till minced meat changes colour. Pour the fried mixture into the beaten egg. Add in chives and stir evenly with a chopstick.
  • Heat up some oil and pour in the egg mixture. Swirl the bottom of the pan till the edge of the egg is cooked. Turn over and fry till fully cooked.

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